1. David Wilford says

    I like how Susie Bright also included kudos to those who commented on the Plan B post. Bright is a very good writer herself, so a compliment from her is good reason to feel insufferably full… :-)

  2. David Wilford says

    Jason, if and when you ever get noticed by Susie Bright, you will have every reason to feel insufferably full of yourself also. Go take a peek at her weblog, that is, if you dare. I warn you, it’s awfully pink inside… :-)

  3. says

    PZ, you should indeed have a big head…as it were.

    In all seriousness, I recently had the good fortune of seeing a presentation from Dr Susan Wood, the former FDA director of the office women’s health who resigned during the last denial of Plan B approval for OTC use.

    For those wanting to learn more, The Duke University Faculty Development Program has archived Dr Woods presentation slide and FDA timeline (April 2006)

    Dr Woods is allied with the Reproductive Health Technologies Project provides more information. They have chosen to support Dr Woods’ continued mission of public and professional education with their site, Science Before Politics. They even provide a letter to write to FDA Commissioner and family friend of the current administration, Andrew von Eschenbach, to bring science back to the consideration of Plan B for OTC use.

  4. says

    … for a while?

    Just for that I may have to figure out new ways to mis-spell your name. I’m thinking of going the metasyntactic variable route this time.