Don’t hate me for this…

I’ve turned on the requirement to login and register with TypeKey in order to make a comment. Can’t stand it? Things not working? Leave a comment (if you can) or mail me (if you can’t).

This is a trial, we’ll see if it works. I’m willing to turn it off again if it causes more grief than it solves.

Ooops. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the TypeKey page. It’s simply a centralized site where you register once, get a password, and then you can use that password to make comments on various sites, including this one. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s fairly easy to do.

Another hint: some people are having problems that seem to be traceable to their browser’s cache. Try reloading pages or clearing the browser cache so that it will display the version with the new TypeKey requirements.


  1. Azkyroth says

    Wish they’d make it so you could automatically stay logged in for more than two weeks…

  2. says

    Seems to be working for me.

    I have to say, though, that my favorite feature of the Pharyngula niche is that long string of “kill” links marching down my screen. It appeals to some deep wellspring of my psyche, the part fueled by surging neurons in the reptilian parts of my brain. “Kill. . . kill. . . kill. . .


    Seriously, I think this is worth it. Larry Gonick’s forum got fried by spam back in December 2004 and never returned. It felt like it was turning into a good place, too; still makes me a little teary. If a few extra mouse-clicks on my part help keep the spammers out and let us use a couple more hyperlinks in each post, that’s fine by me.

  3. MikeM says

    How’s the disemvowel function working?

    (Feel free to use this as your test case.)

  4. Fred J says

    I filled out my income tax two months ago so this isn’t much worse.


  5. curmudgeon says

    Well if you must do this to us – here goes
    if you read this even an old curmudgeon can figure it out.

  6. Mike Fox says

    I can’t manage to post. Very odd.

    Mike Fox

    P.S. Yeah – I couldn’t resist.

  7. says

    I turned off the spam flow by turning on moderation but I suspect that wouldn’t work too well here with the high volume of comments.

    Typekey and other registration systems are a bit of a pain…especially if you have to deal with many diffrent ones. Typekey registration comes with being a paid MT user so for sites that require Typekey it is no big deal for me…for the others, well, I just don’t comment on their sites.

  8. says

    OK, I went over to Stochastic, which has the line

    “You are not signed in. You need to be registered to comment on this site. Sign in”

    below the comments and signed in. I came back here and commented. Then I went over to Janet and Hedwig and commented. Now I am back and commenting again. If this goes though, I am OK.

  9. says

    I logged out of typekey, and looked here…it did have the request to login in order to leave a comment. It may be that the cookie conflicts temporarily hid it from view.

  10. rupertg says

    That seemed painless enough. Squid, atheism, creationist, Dembski, giant bowls of trifle orbiting the tea rooms of Mars and the hell holes of Uranus…

    I think that covers it.


  11. idlemind says

    I already had a typekey account, but it was for my other secret identity (the one I’ve used for years when posting to political blogs). This means I either have to (1) starting using that identity here or (2) re-login to typekey each time.

    Also, I had to delete my cookies before it would even request that I log in. It would take my comment, and then throw back a screen saying I had to register — with no URL to do so. That’s a serious UI misfeature…

  12. says

    It’s just as well you did this, from my point of view, since my e-mail address at Typekey has been superceded. Now I’m up to date again.

  13. melior says

    The “lost your password?” feature simply does not work. :~(

    However, I was able to create a brandnew typekey name with the same email address using the magic of l33tsp34k.


  14. says

    It’s too bad TypeKey and LiveJournal don’t automatically talk to each other and accept each other’s logins, since they’re run by the same company… Now I have yet another login to remember and maintain.

  15. Jason Malloy says

    Now I have yet another login to remember and maintain.

    Download Firefox, it remembers all your passwords and such for you.

  16. Steviepinhead says

    That wasn’t too bad. If a pinhead can do it, probably just about anyone can.
    Now if I only had something to say.
    But the two neurons that fit in the pointy head only go so far…

  17. says

    Now I have yet another login to remember and maintain.

    Don’t know what I’d do without the password manager in my browser. Not for sensitive stuff, of course, but for the separate login for every site on the Internet.

    Now I’m posting this with Mozilla, so I fully expect this comment to be eaten. Let’s test that hypothesis.

  18. CCC says

    My blog got killed by spam, and my host was hacked so everyone going to my site ended up with a trojan horse. I just gave up at that point.

    Spammers are republi.. I mean evil.

  19. The Science Pundit says

    This a test. It is only a test. If this were a real post, it would be followed by meaningful dialogue. This has been a test.

  20. says

    For some reason I can’t stay signed into typekey and have to sign in each time (possibly because I cart my computer everywhere and connect from whatever 802.11b field is available).

    But that is perfectly all right. The net number of clicks from “I think I will make some idiotic comment” to clicking the ‘Post” button works out to be the same. If it frustrates spammers, it is good.

  21. says

    As an astronomer (of sorts) I’d like to see the button say “Keep me logged in for 5 Gyr.” At that point the Sun will kill us and I won’t need to be logged in anymore.

  22. says

    idlemind: if you really are switching between multiple identities frequently, you could try running multiple browsers, one per identity. Then the different browsers could stay logged in to their own identities and the differing appearances of the browsers might help you remember not to use the wrong identity in situations where that might give away the secret.

  23. idlemind says

    D. Eppstein,

    I’m not particularly worried about my “secret” so much as confusing people. My other ID is kinda wonkish and looked out of place when I engaged in nerdier pursuits, so I adopted this one. I’d actually prefer using my real name if it weren’t for certain incidents of cyberstalking. Kinda sad for an old ARPAnaut like me who’s been posting to mailing lists and newsgroups since the late 1970’s. (No SPAM back then, either.)

  24. G. Tingey says

    This is a REAL pain.

    Because I already had a “TypeKey” account, haven’t used it for ages, and had forgotten not password, but the version of my own name that I was using!

    I would suggest going over to the pattern recognition/re-type this message authentication, with a non-automatically-readable box with alphameric code in it (which changes)

    Probably easier?

  25. Mike Fox says

    When posting those really long posts at Defending Melinda Barton, I had to re-log in after previewing a number of times. I may be my browser, I run Safari. Or it could be something else. No clue. Definitly not much of a pain to me – but it is a potential issue.

  26. says

    TypeKey testing…

    For some reason, Opera has a big problem with this typekey nonsense. I never thought that IE would actually be better at something than Opera. That tells me that the typekey people did something dumb.

  27. Steve LaBonne says

    Firefox has no problem at all dealing with Typekey, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the latter.

  28. Pygmy Loris says

    Okay, that was fun. I’m now using the full pygmy loris instead of just loris….

  29. Kesh says

    Is it bad that my first posting to the blog is just for a test? :) Hopefully I’ll be commenting more from now on.

  30. George Cauldron says

    Well, I ‘hated you for this’ yesterday, but today I finally figured out how to log in, so now I’m much more benevolently inclined.

  31. Dawn says

    Thanks for posting the additional infor about Typekey PZ. Now we’ll see if this works. I took the precaution of deleting all my old cookies first….

  32. ktesibios says

    I met a traveler from an antique land
    Who said, two vast and trunkless legs of stone,
    post comments with Safari- does it work?

    Sorry- it’s my standard mic check spiel…

  33. Fred J says

    Ha, ha, ha. You got the old Gray man from you won’t believe where. The beautiful Hampton, SC. And I also have stayed in a Holiday Inn before so I can do anything also.
    Pop. of Hampton 2,806.

    Be sure to vist PZ here at again as he is pretty good. Signing off…

  34. Carlie says

    Thanks, Blader. Now I won’t be able to get John Lithgow out of my head the rest of the day.

  35. Kagehi says

    Sign.. Now I remember why I hate Typekey.. On this system, using Firefox, it argued with me about if my password was valid or not, even though what I typed and what it sent me in the email to recover where identical. My other system, using Opera, refused to accept the “Stay logged in for a week.” setting, with the effect that I had to sign in every fracking time I wanted to post anything. Sigh.. Some sites login systems just completely hate me or something…

  36. Tara Mobley says

    Bah, it’s just another hoop to jump through to leave a comment. I actually had to decide if it was worth it, since I post here so rarely.

  37. ktesibios says

    Just tried commenting at home using Opera 8.5 and it didn’t work. I think I’ve got it= I normally keep Opera set to reject third-party cookies; now I’ve set it to prompt me about them, accepted a few from typekey and it looks like it worked.

  38. SEF says

    OK, so now that I’ve got another wretched account to remember at another wretched place, can I comment again … No, evidently not after merely registering with TypeKey – still got old form at Pharyngula which then said I needed to register.

    What about that business of logging out of TypeKey before logging in and re-opening the blog entry here … the presence of that old form looks like a bad sign … Yes, it’s useless.

    Meanwhile, that referenced cookie blasting site doesn’t appear to do anything at all when I press the buttons! Another wild goose chase. So I go hunting and killing cookies manually. Good job I’m moderately proficient at the technical stuff …

    Still doesn’t work though.

    So I have to go round the loop of changing the login state and re-opening and refreshing windows multiple times until I finally get something other than the old form here – which then tells me I need to sign in.


    You’re definitely going on my temporary hate list for today at least, PZ, for all that wasted time and the trauma as well as the inconvenience of having another site login and password to remember.

  39. says

    Well, I managed to get registered and then logged in, but the mystifying messages made the process fairly frustrating.

    PZ, perhaps you could add a link to this thread in the “Having problems commenting?” message? There’s useful info here and commenters can add tips and suggestions for various browsers and OSes for the benefit of others.

  40. SEF says

    Well if we’re collecting more accurate data:

    I was using Win2K with Firefox. I found 2 scienceblogs cookies on my manual purge of the relevant Documents and Settings folder. However, I got both on the one go and they didn’t come back. So that wasn’t what was causing the site to still give me the old commenting form instead of the TypeKey version.

    It seemed to be the multiple logouts and multiple refreshes that made the difference. Simply closing down Firefox and starting the Pharyngula browser windows up again wasn’t enough.

    I allegedly have caches off. But I’ve previously found that doesn’t always help on other sites either. It’s as if there’s a cache somewhere external to my machine which needs to be convinced that I really really mean to get a fresh version of the page. Telling it once doesn’t seem to be sufficient. (Which is rather reminiscent of a bug in an older version of Windows’ port control software …)