1. Alopex Lagopus says

    Looks like somebody found a good way to collect marketing information from suckers.

  2. says

    $2,132,100. I attribute my poor showing to my continued studenthood/poverty.

    Totally gave a fake email though. No marketers for me.

  3. Rocky says

    What kind question is “Length of your Penis”?????
    Bet no one told the truth on that one, bell curve went way to one side…….

  4. Anne Nonymous says

    Yeah, wow, that’s, um, quite an information-fishing deal they’ve got going there. Any more intrusive and it’d be asking for SSNs and credit card numbers.

  5. says

    hmmm… being a income-less student who uses recreational drugs really hurts your valuation. Oh well, my advice is “buy now while the price is good!”.

  6. says

    Clean livin’ and a great sense of style led me to be worth: $2,819,386. Not too shabby if I say so myself.