1. says

    Megan! That’s a good idea! Anyone out there who wants to pursue that in graphic novel form?

    I have a reality show idea: “A Plague on One of Their Houses,” in which a group of evolutionary biologists who don’t know each other occupy one house, while a group of IDiots (who probably would already know each other) occupy another house, and each team has to race against the clock to find a cure for a virus called Plague X. (Behe, Dembski, and Wells could all be in the ID House, and Macasko could bring his mouse traps. Can’t you just see Dembski opening a cupboard and yelling, “EXPLAIN to me why there are no coffee FILTERS?”)

  2. rrt says

    Woot! It’ll be American Idol, but instead of the tone-deaf, it’ll feature the seamy underbelly of the (generally already seamy and underbellyish) fantasy/scifi/comicon crowd!

    (excuse me while I kill my TV)

  3. gwangung says

    Ah, come on guys….it’s STAN LEE for Pete’s [not Parker’s} sake! Waddya think would do a thing like this?!

  4. says

    For a super villain, I ought to go for Evil Devo. Or maybe Dr Evil Devo.

    Hmmmm…I wonder if I could work that up for my GeekProm outfit?

  5. wamba says

    Hmmmm…I wonder if I could work that up for my GeekProm outfit?

    The lampshade hat should be simple enough.

  6. dbpitt says

    I have an idea: a superhero who uses alcohol fermentation instead of lactic acid fermentation. That way he gets drunk if he works too hard.

  7. C.J.Colucci says

    When I was in law school, I invented a superhero known as Reasonableman, who became so popular I eventually donned light blue tights and a white cape (school colors) and made personal appearances. Of course, that was 20-odd years and 40-odd pounds ago…..

  8. Grumpy says

    On a serious note… There was a segment on [i]This American Life[/i] a few weeks back about a woman who Bruce Wayne-d herself into becoming the closest thing into a real-life superhero. She made a list of all the skills she’d need (like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills) and dedicated herself to acquiring them. Her real-life profession? Bounty hunter — since the CIA wouldn’t take her.

  9. SEF says

    As a super-hero/villain, would you need a side-kick or love interest or furry animal or some henchmen?

    Dr. Evil Devo + Eve O’Lucian + mutant talking zebra-fish butler …

    Anyhow, there’s already been a sort of superhero game show on TV perhaps 2 years back. I only saw parts of a couple of episodes and couldn’t tell you who the presenters were. But the idea was that two teams, consisting of a primary bod and their groupies, would each be given the services of a costume designer and some engineers. They then had to come up with a superhero concept and build stuff to fit with that and compete on a task. So the costume equipment might include extensible arms for long reach or water-walking ability in some manner.

  10. CrispyShot says

    Phoenician, you caused the loudest spit-take my office has ever heard. I salute you.