Oh, to be a young student again

Martin Brazeau is looking for volunteers to spend July in Atlantic Canada helping him split rocks, looking for Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous fossils. Let’s see…I wonder if the family would mind if I abandoned them for a month? I don’t have any important responsibilities, do I?


  1. Martin Brazeau says

    I should note, there’s no need to commit for a month. That’s really just the “window of opportunity”. A day, two days, a week, or ten days. I just need some extra hands out there!

  2. Patrick says

    If only someone would ask for fossil hunting help near where I live. : (

    (Near Washington DC, if you know anyone, hint hint.)

  3. PaulC says

    I’ve always wondered… when you find one of these early tetrapods, do you really stop everything and break into song (“Today I hear the robin sing / Today the thrush is on the wing / Today who knows what life will bring”) or am I confusing paleontology with archaeology?

  4. says

    PZ wrote:

    A month or a week sleeping on rocks, breaking rocks, talking about science? So tempting…

    You forgot the most important ingredient: BEER!

  5. craig says

    man, I wish I could do this! :(
    I haven’t been fossil hunting in forever. Used to love it as a kid.

    Helping on something like this has always been a dream of mine, but somehow they never seem to make it doable for middle-aged people with vertigo and strange dietary requirements. :(

  6. says

    Be careful, PZ.

    You might go home and find your bags packed, your pick-axe cleaned, and your wife and kids going “See ya later!”

    (“Dad’s gone! Paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”)


  7. says

    I’m a bit hesitant to post too many details about where this is taking place. I don’t want to open up the old can o’ worms about private collectors vs. science thing. I appreciate the work that a lot of private collectors do, particularly the ones who share their stuff with scientists. I don’t particularly care for the ones who think it’s okay to jump into a quarry that is the subject of someone else’s research and feels they can just dig away.

    If you’re interested and think you can make it, you can email me.