1. Rocky says

    Any info on it’s habitat, I just tried to Google, and didn’t get much info………

  2. ivy privy says

    Some guy named “Ed” claims to have a two-headed molly. This is all the info I have on him. I don’t know who he is or how to contact him. I told him to contact you.

  3. aiabx says

    Normally I like the Friday ‘pod, but this one … this one makes Baby Jesus cry. It has depression written right into its name.

  4. Tara Mobley says

    That’s kinda cool looking, although I agree with everyone else who says it looks sad.

  5. mothworm says

    Oh come on. You’re pulling our leg. That’s just a photoshopped nose from a star-nosed mole, right?

    Damn, nature is too freakishly awesome. I want one of those. I think it’s cute.

  6. jbark says

    Man that thing looks sad!

    It looks tailor made to be the Eor of an invertebrate cartoon series.

  7. SEF says

    It looks rather sad to me too. Even the tentacles are tentative and withdrawn. Perhaps it knows it is being thought of as a pancake…

  8. says

    Don’t make fun of it because of it’s appearance ! :(
    Have you ever played this game ? :

    Even though I have known that for several minutes, you should know that Chuchu is one of those Japanese Pancake Devilfishes if you compare the real image of said creature with Chuchu’s image(s) :