Koufax winners are announced!

It’s a marvelous list:

And yay! I’m in there! Thanks to all who voted, and look at all those great links!


  1. Tara Mobley says

    Congratulations! I’m glad you won one of the awards you were nominated for.

  2. wamba says

    This is weird, and worth a read:
    My Daughter, the Apostate
    By Mark W. Bradley

    I was shocked and dismayed beyond words the other day to discover that my own beloved daughter, the filial fruit of my loins, has been enlisted as a soldier in the vast swarming army of Godless atheists fiendishly plotting to smother the last dying gasps of religion here in America.

    Mollie was, after all, raised in a devoutly religious household. Our family were strict practitioners of the original “Old Tyme Religion” – Fundamentalist Scandinavian Polytheism.

    But enough of my personal tribulation. What all these trials have taught me is that religious faith is the foundation of a truly meaningful life. I’m just sorry my wayward children have lost sight of that timeless truth. Now that they’ve made a conscious decision to join the forces of atheism, I can only view them as mortal enemies – minions in the army of darkness arrayed against those us who remain steadfast in defense of institutionalized religion.

    In that light, and in spite of our superficial differences, I call upon all God-, goddess-, and gods-fearing people of faith to join in a united defense of our collective religious principles against the overwhelming onslaught of Agnosticism, Atheism, and all other forms of insidious godlessness that threaten to swamp our sacred churches, our sacrificial ziggurats, our monolithic stone burial chambers, and our mysterious crop circles in an unholy tidal wave of secular rationalism…

  3. QrazyQat says

    That winners’list is one I have no disagreements about. And that is pretty unusual. :)

  4. Kristjan Wager says

    Congratulations PZ. I think you were the only winner I voted for, togther with Shakespeare’s Sister (which you miss-spelled in your post).

  5. Rey says

    man-devouring osprey

    Now that’s just ridiculous, osprey are strictly piscivorous, what do you think those spicules on their feet are for?

    Oh, and congratulations, Dr. Myers.

  6. Rey says

    Hmm. Only the first line of that was supposed to be blockquoted, must have forgot to close the tag. So that’s why they put the Preview button on the left.

  7. Great White Wonder says

    Congrats PZ! The award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving bag of chemicals.

  8. says

    Congratulations! This is the first time ever that anyone I voted for in Koufaxes actually won in the end. This year, several of my faves won, including Pharyngula.

  9. John C. Randolph says

    Best “expert” blog? Bah! PZ can’t even cast a horoscope!