1. NatureSelectedMe says

    Did you ever consider that they’re really pro-choice and this is merely a test for the Supreme Court? Like a triple-dog dare?

  2. Jamie says

    Are you proposing a new, social mechanism for plate tectonics? You might get discovered on the network for that.

  3. Tom Renbarger says

    I need to work the phrase “QED, bitches” into everyday conversation.

  4. says

    “I think they should teach Almighty God design as well as evolution.” No, no, no, if God wants to learn about design, He can jolly well do that on His own time! It’s strict evolution for Him until He’s eighteen. God’s grades in science are bad enough as it is.

  5. David Wilford says

    Maybe this is related to the latest news out of South Dakota:

    Family may provide evolution clue – BBC News

    Five siblings from Turkey who can only walk on all fours could provide science with an insight into human evolution, researchers have said.

  6. flame821 says

    So far, this (see link) is the ONLY semi intelligent argument regarding intelligent design, but be warned you need to have a good sense of humor and no qualms about tentacle sex. ghastly comics You may also find his take on the ‘drunk and bitter Jesus’ vs the ‘anglo jesus’ rather amusing.

    Oh and the South Dakota fiasco is getting worse, and an internet campaign has been started to associate Napoli’s name with his description of the ONLY allowable reason for an abortion Napoli google bomb

    Its times like this that I am so grateful that I live in an East Coast, godless, liberal, blue state that still believes in science and logic. If only it were as easy to spread enlightenment as it is ignorance, because there sure seems to be an excess of idiots running around the country lately.

  7. handofdoom says

    As an expat of SD, I can’t say I’m at all surprised. The place is crawling with unapologetically ignorant people who unquestionably subscribe to extreme right-wing ideas. Maybe this law is a last-ditch attempt to forcibly stem the population loss due to the tide of young, creative, intelligent people fleeing the state.