PZ Simpson


I’ve always wanted to be on The Simpsons, and I think my head is probably potato-shaped enough to fit in perfectly, but the Simpsomaker doesn’t have quite enough options. More facial hair! I need a full beard with a Flanders-like mustache for this to work.

At least it’s easy to look like a Minnesotan.

(via Just a Bump in the Beltway)


  1. dbpitt says

    Are you cross-eyed like Simpsons you?
    Also, is it common for Minnesotans to read a book while standing in the middle of a frozen lake?

  2. Jason Malloy says

    They sure don’t give you many options. Nevertheless mine was surprisingly close to how I actually look. Right down to the mysteriously jaundiced skin.

  3. says

    Definitely needs many more options. The above picture is abou as close to me as it is to you, P.Z., and we don’t, I think, look that similar. Good idea, needs much expansion.

    “…they need a long-hair pony tail for men.”

    And given Comic-Book Guy, you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem.

    “How’d you save the image?”

    By clicking the “print” button, like the instructions say? Under where it says “and click below.”

  4. says

    If you’re on a Windows machine, try hitting “alt+prt scr” to save the window image to the clipboard.

    Then go to your favorite graphic editor (MS Paint if you can’t think of anything else) and paste (ctrl+v)

  5. says

    “My South Park maker came out much closer than the Simpson’s one.”

    I may be wrong, as I’ve never really thought about it much, but my initial thought is that, in fact, the range of character design styles is, in fact, more limited in The Simpsons than in South Park. At first consideration, at least, it seems to me that Simpsons charcters fit a considerably narrower set of design specs. For instance, although I keep my beard very closely trimmed, the only parts I shave are just a tiny bit on the cheeks; that simply doesn’t exist in Simpsons design specs, so a modeller that was more faithful to me would be less faithful to the Simpsons.

    And similarly regarding noses, head shapes, lips, etc. Basically, at first glance (I keep saying this, because I want to be prepared when someone points out with cites that I’m all wrong :-)), South Park characters come in a considerably wider variety of styles. (Given how many years later South Park was created, and how much cheaper it was to do animation, this is not illogical, although it may also simply be as much Matt Groening’s design preferences versus Parker and Stone’s; but if you look back at the original Simpsons bumpers from the Tracey Ullman show, or even further back at Life In Hell, well, I adore Matt Groening’s stuff (and really enjoyed meeting him circa 1983 at a tiny party at Vonda McIntyre’s), range of drawing skill isn’t what I’d highlight as one of his major strengths.

    I have no idea just now if Parker and Stone even draw at all, or just write and describe what they want. I suppose a little Googling is in order.