Adjust those bookmarks again

Respectful Insolence has moved.

I think this was a mercy move, actually. I think the blogosphere saw that hideous spacey theme he had on the old site, and a great cry rose out to find him a home that was less of an eyesore…and the designers at Seed, who were also offended, rose to the challenge.


  1. says


    Wait until the techies open up the templates more…you’ll regret you ever dissed the old blog…

    Unfortunately, they are having problems integrating the new blog into the main page and the aggregated feeds; so I have to ask the Orac-philes out there not to rely on the ScienceBlogs main page or aggregated feed for now. Please bookmark the new site and, if you use an RSS aggregator, add the new feed to it for now.

  2. jackd says

    Congrats to Orac on the move, but I have to concur with PZ: When it comes to webpage design, Orac is a great blogger and surgeon.

  3. El Juno says

    Congrats on the move. And I no longer have to apologise to people when I point them to his blog…

    ‘No, seriously. He’s brilliant. He just has an…interesting…sense of style when it comes to websites.’