Cody’s Showdy Takes On Planned Obscolescence

I hate planned obsolescence. I hate it with the kind of burning passion that can only come from personal grievance, but I also hate it for its role in the destruction of a habitable planet, and the way it contributes to the ever-rising cost of living. As the video below discusses, it’s a problem that’s more or less built into our system as it exists, despite being universally unpopular outside of corporate boardrooms. It’s draining all of our bank accounts, making life more difficult, and filling the world (especially where poor people live) with toxic waste. It is one of many reasons why we cannot afford to have an economic system that revolves around endless growth. I will probably write more about this on my own at some point, but for today, here’s Some More News with a good overview. Isn’t it fun when I share videos that make me angry?


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    there are really cool businesses in my area that sell secondhand furniture and building components out of businesses, libraries, schools etc. a lot are from the thirties thru sixties. anyhow, working on the new place and one of my roommates wants new bs from wayfair (“but they have free shippiiing”). no way, fool. gimme antiques!

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    I used to work in the automotive industry, testing components. One engineer told me that in his previous job at another company (but also making automotive components) he once engineered a component that had double the required lifespan whilst being within the budget regarding manufacturing costs. His team had to purposefully worsen the design so the part fails shortly after what the law prescribed minimal lifespan. I cannot talk about the things that I saw, but I can say that what I saw has convinced me that we need stricter laws and regulations holding corporations accountable, because the current laws are insufficient and easily bypassed. We also need a big overhaul of the patent system.

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