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I’ve already shared my opinion about the murder of Jordan Neely, and I haven’t really learned anything since that has changed it in any meaningful way. I’m glad that the killer is being charged with manslaughter. While I think what Penny did should be considered murder, I think it would be hard to convince a jury that he made the deliberate choice to just murder Neely.  Manslaughter, on the other hand, should be relatively easy to prove.

But if when you think about what happened, and what counts as “justice”, I think this is a useful perspective to keep in mind, and watching it will only take you about two minutes.


  1. StevoR says

    George Floyd begged for his life and said he couldn’t breathe nearly twenty times or so before he died as he was being murdered.

    I guess they learnt nothing. Thought nothing. I didn’t hear Jordan Neely beg for his life as Penny murdered him inthe footage I’ve seen. I suspect he couldn’t. But yeah.. no words.

    OH except do the reichwingers not understand that a Good Samaritan is someone who helps others NOT someone who murders them. A real good Samaritan would have fed and helped Neely NOT murdered him.

  2. lochaber says

    If you execute a blood choke properly, it should take something like ~8 seconds to render someone unconscious, as you are pinching off the carotid arteries, and directly inhibiting oxygenated blood flow to the brain. To kill someone via a blood choke, however, you need to hold it for something like six minutes, if I remember correctly.

    There is a huge, fucking-godzilla-sized, difference twixt using a blood choke to incapacitate someone, vs. using a blood choke to kill someone. I find it very hard to believe that someone would continue to apply a blood choke for a whole six minutes (I believe it may have been longer in this case?) after someone stopped resisting/being conscious, without intention there.

    yeah, not addressing the racist angle and such, but if nothing else, I just find it despicable how many “brave warriors” are constantly in deathly fear of fucking everything.

  3. says

    @Lochaber – everything I’ve seen indicates that a choke like that can cause permanent damage or kill within ten to twenty seconds after they pass out. It directly cuts off blood to the brain. From what I can tell he held the choke for like 10-15 minutes, although it has been asserted that he “stopped squeezing” much sooner. I’ve seen nothing to back up that claim so far, other than the effort it would take to keep the hold tight for that long.

    I agree that that fear is a serious problem in our society. The country’s saturated in narratives of justified violence, and of everyone being in danger. Conservative spaces amplify that, and conservative extremists make that danger a reality, and so we’ve got a country full of dudes going around just looking for a good reason to kill. I don’t know Penny’s mind, but as Little Joel points out, it did not take long for him to decide to attack Neely.

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