Video: Let’s talk about 8 months of change

There’s a lot of horrible stuff going on right now, particularly with the escalation of genocidal transphobia. This video’s definitely more of a feel-good story, and I think it does a good job of showing why the transphobes are so desperate. Basically, Beau of the Fifth Column got a note from a viewer who had gone from being a full-on homophobe, to dancing with trans women at a gay club, feeling worried that he wasn’t accepting enough, and wondering how to change further, all in the space of just eight months. I think the bigots are frantic, in part, because they know that their bigotry isn’t natural at all – it’s something that has to be maintained and supported constantly. Sure, there are some who’ll hate no matter what, but absent societal and group dynamics that encourage and reinforce hatred, people are just people, and we tend to take each other as we come. That’s not me saying we can end bigotry by befriending and converting bigots, to be clear, I just really appreciate how this story shows that leaving an ideological bubble can result in an astonishing amount of change. That’s why conservatives hate things like college so much, and it’s why they’re fighting so hard to eradicate trans people from public life. They know that the natural progression of humanity tends to be towards acceptance, and that’s yet another part of reality that they hate.

People can and do change for the better all the time, and it’s part of why I’m generally a fan of us, as a species.


  1. dangerousbeans says

    This was such a lovely video to see. A lot of people quickly realise us trans peeps aren’t a problem when they actually encounter us
    My personal favourite was when i first transitioned and someone raised concerns about me using the women’s loos at work. when my boss raised this with me my response was “i don’t see how this is my problem”. Everyone thought about it, agreed, and i never heard any of that bullshit again

  2. says

    That story reminds me of a quote from Toni Morrison about race and racism:

    My feeling is that white people have a very, very serious problem. And they should start thinking about what they can do about it. Take me out of it.

    I’m glad things went so well with that job!

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