Terrifying Tuesday: The Military-Industrial complex

It’s easy, when looking at the scale of what’s happening to the climate, and forget that there are other problems that are nearly as big as the climate crisis, and that could be just as hard – or harder – to deal with. The “Military-Industrial Complex”, along with its attendant “Military-Entertainment Complex” is a massive conglomeration of entities that profit from war both directly and indirectly. I would say that if there’s a unifying mission for this Complex, it is the maintenance of capitalist supremacy, and the obscene power and profit that comes with that.

What makes this terrifying is that as a group, these are people who traffic in death, terror, and manipulation to achieve their ends, and I personally see no reason to think that they would limit themselves to atrocities outside the U.S.. As grim as it sounds, one of the advantages of a movement that doesn’t rely on charismatic leaders is that it’s harder to stop the movement by assassinating said leaders. We have to take power away from the most powerful – and most murderous – people on the planet. I don’t know how to do that, but I also don’t know how to deal with things like the climate crisis without doing it. Fortunately, another advantage of a truly democratic movement is that it doesn’t rely on the ideas of any one person. If we do it right, we’ll have countless minds bringing all their diverse training and ability to the task, and that’s no trivial power.

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