Video: A useful discussion of Planet of the Humans

I haven’t watched Michael Moore’s new climate change film, and what discussion I’ve seen about it has given me the impression that when I DO get around to watching it, I’m going to find it more than a little irritating in parts. So I haven’t really felt like talking about it much. A number of scientists and activists who’ve been involved in climate change work dislike it, for what seem to be good reasons. Some other people feel that it has made some good points. Overall, it seems to be having a somewhat de-motivating effect more than anything, and that’s not good, in my opinion.

I do think it’s worth paying attention, though, as Moore has a degree of celebrity, and that means that his work, for better or for worse, is likely to be something that comes up in thinking about the politics of human interaction with the rest of life on this planet. I’ll probably post more about this at some point in the future, but in the meantime, this discussion between Michael Brooks and Joshua Kahn Russell seems like a good place to start:



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  1. John Morales says

    Yeah, it came up on YouTube as a suggestion, but as is my wont, I checked it out before investing my time watching it all.

    So. End result, not only have I not invested my time watching it, but my estimation of Moore has dropped precipitously.

    (Still, as the saying goes, “no heroes”)

  2. ColeYote says

    I feel like a lot of the internet and other media has kinda lost sight of the fact that Moore was only a producer on this. Still, have to wonder what he was thinking. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone involved is thrilled to know it went over so well with the denialist crowd.

  3. John Morales says

    ColeYote, I know that, but the thing is: how has he reacted to the response?

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