Corvid-19 cartoon and an update: Organizing/strike post will go up Friday evening

I’m still working on the piece about strikes and organizing, but in the meantime here’s a link to a relevant story,

Garbage collectors from the Department of Environmental Services walked off the job on strike Wednesday morning, announcing their demands for improved protective equipment and hazard pay in response to the coronavirus, according to multiple reports.

and a CORVID-19 cartoon Tegan made a couple days ago:

Image shows 18 crows perched on power lines, with another approaching, trying to land. One of the perched crows is saying to that one, "Sorry, Frank, we can only fit 18  here"

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    Yeah… no. Now is NOT the time for people to be refusing to do their jobs. No garbage pick-up means more pests, which means more disease (not necessarily COVID).

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    They’re not going to be able to do their jobs if they get sick, and frankly there’s NEVER a good time for them to strike. Now is a time when they have some additional leverage, where normally their needs are ignored. Now is also the time when a buildup of trash on side of the street is going to affect other people the least – because most people are in quarantine.

    And now is when they’re being asked, on top of the risk of things like getting stabbed with hypodermic needles, to expose themselves to this plague without adequate protection, health care, OR pay.

    I get your worry, but I don’t see the validity in demanding they just shut up and take the risk without any changes.

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    Like – we’re at this point, where everybody’s stretched so thin – because all the pleas for change have been ignored.

    Because people haven’t have the leverage to FORCE change. Now, on top of that, people are being asked to take on additional danger, ON TOP of everything else.

    And in this crisis, they have power that they didn’t before. Wait until the crisis passes, and that power goes away, and excuses are made.

    “We can’t give you a raise right now because we need to focus on recovery. Ask again in five years.”

    “Thank you SO MUCH for your sacrifice, but now is the time for rebuilding, not rehashing old disagreements!”

    “Everybody’s having a hard time right now, but things are getting better. It’ll get better for you, too, you’ll see!”

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