Evil utilitarianism: More appealing on some days than others

Image shows two children talking. Child one says,

“Fortunately, there aren’t any evil Neitzcheans.”

But then, maybe I’m getting the wrong lesson from this.


  1. StevoR says

    We’re all alive and thus all part of history. So. How do we choose to shape it with what we choose to do with our lives, our words and actions, now?

    We may not play huge roles or be able to do that much, but with what we can do, what will we do? Think and be kind. Please.

    If in doubt: I suggest considering; what leads to more happiness and less pain? More kindness and less cruelty, a better world not a worse one, a richer, more complex and diverse known cosmos where more people can flourish and enjoy (in the famous phrase) life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not less? What harm does X do and how can Y make people happier and the world better for each and every issue.

    Why would we not?

    My life’s philosophy in the proverbial nutshell. Think and be kind.

    Is this (good?) Utilitarianism? I don’t know.

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