Please watch: Marilyn Mosby on the Freddie Gray case

For those who cannot see or hear the video, I don’t currently have a transcript, but you can check out this article on Mosby’s speech. Her description of the efforts to undermine the investigation, is infuriating. and while I’m glad to hear about reforms that are being made, it’s mind-boggling that they needed to be made in the first place.


  1. rq says

    she SET UP the efforts to undermine the case, investigation, and trial

    Wait, what?

  2. says

    Um, DUH. She’s a prosecutor, she’s in tight with the cops, and THAT IS WHY cops NEVER get convicted (assuming they’re even charged in the first place). Her job literally depended on these cops getting off.

  3. says

    So I’m not seeing a citation or evidence, just a default suspicion of prosecutors. That’s understandable, but it doesn’t actually verify the assertion that this one did not make a good-faith effort.

    She has behaved very differently from other prosecutors who have dealt with cases like this, and there’s nothing that I’ve seen that suggests that she wasn’t actually trying for a conviction.

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