My Recordings! Two Songs I Covered and One I Wrote in 2006

I entirely forgot about these.

This is really fascinating. Turns out I do have three songs recorded. Two are covers, and one is an unfinished original. I’m trying to remember the context. I know I recorded them back in 2006 (holy shit… I wasn’t even 21, yet!), but that’s about it.

The last one, the original, is what fascinates me the most. I managed to find two different versions of lyrics I wrote for it, neither I identify with now (and will not be sharing, because they’re both terrible). But I’ll get more into that with the track.

I’ve been asked in the past when people were gonna hear me sing and play guitar. Well… here you go. They’re from 2006, so it’s been a long time since I put these down, but this is what I actually have recorded…

This first one is a cover of Pink Floyd’s song “Money”. I must have found a pretty decent backing track. I’m singing and playing lead guitar (which, yes, means I’m playing the full guitar solo). Everything else (including the saxophone solo) is part of the backing track.

This next one is a cover of a song by Pink Floyd’s original founder, Syd Barrett. The song is called “Dark Globe”. There’s no online backing track to this one. I sing and play both acoustic guitars. Yes, both. I don’t know if you’ll hear it, but there’s a second guitar playing lead runs underneath the rhythm guitar and my vocals.

And finally… here’s an untitled, lyric-less original instrumental. The music is very dark and Grunge-y. Based on the two sets of lyrics I found, I apparently called this “Fantasy”, and it was either a very angsty song about being depressed and angry (in fact, to be honest, these lyrics recall that period in my life I was suicidal, and ended with a call for help), or it was a song built around the Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy theory, using Bill Hicks quotes around my lyrics (I was actually one of those conspiracy theorists at one time… yuck). I’m glad I never actually recorded either set of lyrics, to be honest.

I wonder if I could come up with a decent set of lyrics for it, now.


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