This is Rape Culture in Action

(Trigger Warning: Discussion of gang-rape and rape culture. I’ll put the story below the fold, but I have some angry words for this.)

This is why I scream about rape culture. This is why I don’t trust society. I have zero respect for anyone who denies that rape culture is a real thing. This is fucking proof. You have no fucking ground to claim that rape culture isn’t a thing when shit like this can happen.

Holy fucking shit…

(Re-iterating that trigger warning for gang-rape and rape culture)

From NBC News….

A few days ago, a teen was gang-raped on fucking Facebook live. 40 people watched, and not one fucking person called the fucking police.

Now, the victim and her family are getting fucking threats.

The mother of a 15-year-old Chicago girl who was allegedly gang raped in a Facebook Live video said on Wednesday that she no longer feels safe in her neighborhood after receiving online threats.

Police found her daughter on Tuesday, but the girl’s mother said that she and her daughter are afraid to stay at their home because of Facebook threats they’ve received and neighborhood children taunting their family.

“This is just disturbing and to think the kids think it is funny,” the mother, 32, told the Associated Press.

NBC News is not naming the mother to protect her and her daughter.

The mother told the AP that people have sent messages saying that “they are going to get her” child and neighborhood kids have come by her house laughing and ringing her doorbell.

“[The Chicago Police Dept.] is aware of the social media communication and visits to the family’s home and detectives have filed case reports and opened parallel investigations in reference,” police spokesman Anthony Gugleilmi said in a statement on Wednesday. “[Police] Superintendent Eddie Johnson also contacted the victim’s mother early Wednesday afternoon to check on the well-being of the young girl and her family.”

At least 40 people watched her daughter’s assault on Facebook Live and none reported it to the police, authorities said on Tuesday.

“I can’t stay here,” she told the AP of her home in Chicago. “I have other kids, too. I [used to] let them walk to school and now I have to take them.”

I have nothing else. I’m so fucking pissed off…


  1. carolw says

    The bystander effect is a hell of a drug,
    I’m rage screaming, too. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with people.

  2. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    I teach CPR/First Aid/AED to both paid staff and to volunteers. At the beginning, I am careful to point out that it is their decision to give assistance and that all I am doing is providing them with the tools they need to make that decision easier. The bystander effect, as carolw pointed out, is very real. I have seen it myself. One person goes down and a bunch of people stand around until one person starts to help. Once that first person steps in, almost everyone will help.

    I found myself on the wrong end of the bystander effect when I was nine or ten years old. My rapist was abusing me. In a campground. While the rest of the scouts were on a hike with his wife. And a family — mom, dad, two girls about ten or twelve — walked into the campsite, apologized, the girls giggled, and they went on their way. And I cannot find it in myself to hold any anger towards them. This was so outside of normal that action becomes very difficult.

    The case in the OP, however, no. Just no. These were not innocent bystanders. These were not a family for walk in a forest service campground who happened on abuse in action. These are people who, most likely, knew what they were logging in to, knew what Facebook Live channel to go to, knew what time. They did not chance upon this. They were voyeurs, not bystanders. And they should be prosecuted as accomplices.

  3. says

    lol your best evidence for rape culture is you saw one article and feel this is now all of society had adapted this? I’ve heard this and different arguments for that yet no one has any evidence. I don’t just feel wake up and just feel like raping people. My atheist friends don’t. My religious friends don’t. When I was in high school no one did. I’m in college now and there’s no rape culture. Where is your evidence? I assume your an atheist as I am because of the lack of evidence for a God? Makes sense. You can’t use the same connection to rape culture?

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