So Now These Anti-Semitic Attacks are False Flag Operations…?

From the Washington Post

President Trump seemed to suggest Tuesday that the recent bomb threats and vandalism at Jewish community centers and cemeteries across the country might be false flags, according to a Democratic attorney general who met with him. And Trump’s comments came the same day that one of his top advisers suggested the culprits could be Democrats.

It wouldn’t be the first time Trump went down this road.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) told reporters Tuesday that Trump expressed horror at the situation but also appeared to suggest it might not be anti-Semitism and that it could be “the reverse,” The Post’s Mark Berman confirmed.

It’s not anti-Semitism, folks! It’s Democrats fomenting unrest and anger!


  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    He might think that it’s Jews vandalising their own cemetaries to make Cheeto look bad.

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