Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Beyoncé and Pete Wolford Play 1+1 (NSFW)

(There’s no nudity, but you probably don’t want to watch this music video at work.)

Now we’re definitely going off the beaten path, here, but with good reason.

I’ve always been aware of Beyoncé, but it wasn’t until I started listening to a podcast called The Read back in early 2016 (or was it late 2015?… I can’t remember) that I went from thinking “she’s talented, but not for me” to “holy shit she’s incredible, I love her music, and I could listen to it daily”. You see, Crissle and Kid Fury are probably more obsessed with Beyoncé’s music than I am with Led Zeppelin’s (which, as y’all know, is saying a lot). And that was infectious, for me, at least.

The first Beyoncé album I bought (through Tidal) was Lemonade (on the recommendation of both TWiBPrime and The Read), both the audio and the visual albums. It was so good I decided that I had to go back and listen to the rest of her solo output. So I did… and I’m definitely now a dedicated fan.

And so we get here…

On her album 4, Beyoncé enlisted the help of a large group of musicians, including a few lead guitarists. The one highlighted here is Pete Wolford (he really needs a website, or at least a page on Wikipedia), who played this really nice, really good guitar solo on 1+1. Have a listen… and a watch, since this is the official music video…

The guitar solo starts at 3:18 and ends at 4:11


(Quick Note: Beyoncé directs and produces all of her own music videos, too, which is yet another amazing thing about her; she isn’t just a great singer, or songwriter, or dancer, but a director, producer, choreographer, and more. She’s multi-talented.)

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