Our Very Own Siobhan Wrote For An Actual News Site!

So hey! You know Siobhan, right? She blogs right here, at Freethought Blogs.

But now she’s also published on an actual news publication! She wrote an article about a Canadian law that would very much help with trans equality that was published at The Establishment. You really should read that.

Also, while you’re at it, Siobhan and H.J. Hornbeck did a collaboration about a really disgustingly transphobic BBC “documentary”. Here’s what H.J. wrote, and here’s what Siobhan wrote. You really should read those, too.


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    @Siobhan We’re more like a popular, professional blogging network. The Establishment is, like… different?

    I’m not knocking FTB; obviously this place is awesome.

    It’s just different…?… I think…? Eh…


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