Self Care – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Live in Zurich, Switzerland on December 4, 1970; Aired in Belgium in 1971

Screw it… you’re getting a whole ELP show.

In 1971, Belgium TV, specifically the show Pop Music (AKA Pop Shop), aired a gig from ELP, recorded live in Zurich, Switzerland on December 4, 1970. Now, for some strange, unexplained reason, the show decided to air the gig massively out of order, starting off with the improvisation that ended the original show in Zurich.

Also, Greg Lake screws up the lyrics to Knife Edge, skipping over the first verse entirely and singing the second verse twice… which is sad, because it’s otherwise the best live version I could find of Knife Edge on video… and I want to give that to y’all in the future, as well… but I’m gonna keep looking…

Regardless, though, it’s an amazing performance from this incredible band, made up almost entirely of instrumental improvisations with some full songs and singing sprinkled here and there. Keep in mind that this is a 52 minute and 1 second watch. It’s a mesmerizing watch, though, especially when Keith does his very best to murder one of his keyboards… with knives… (skip to 16:10 to see how that starts)

Here’s the tracklist for that video from the Youtube info box:

01:45 – Rondo (including Bach improvisations / Organ solo / Palmer’s drum solo)
20:07 – Nutrocker
25:00 – Take A Pebble (including Lake’s acoustic insert / Emerson’s solos and improvisations / Tank)
40:18 – Knife Edge (including Moog solo)
47:02 – I Wanna Be Free (w/ Nutrocker coda) [AKA “Preacher Blues”]

And here’s a bonus track video…

And now, here’s the track list for the Zurich show this all came from

  1. Pictures at an Exhibition
  2. The Barbarian
  3. Take a Pebble
  4. Tarkus
  5. Knife Edge
  6. Blue Rondo à la Turk
  7. Nutrocker (1st Encore)
  8. Preachers Blues (2nd Encore)

I really need to find me a copy of the full Zurich show, in correct order as played at the show, on DVD or Blu Ray…



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