Muslims Are Banned in the United States and 5-Year-Olds Are Being Arrested… But You’re Mad That a Nazi Got Punched in the Face?

Since, apparently, some people insist on crying crocodiles tears over the fact that Nazi Richard Spencer got punched in the face, I’m just gonna start posting some perspective.

Warning… this series of posts will be maddening…

Trump’s latest executive order: Banning people from 7 countries and more

With just a few quick strokes of the pen, President Donald Trump on Friday banned — temporarily, for now — roughly 218 million people from entering the United States.

Trump barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least the next 90 days by executive order, which a senior White House official said later Friday is likely just a first step toward establishing a broader ban.

It’s unclear how many more countries will be added to the list, but the official said the administration will be “very aggressive” as it weighs how many more countries to add to the list.

Asked what criteria the administration will consider as it looks to expand the ban beyond the initial seven countries, the official said simply the “mandate is to keep America safe.”

You can read the complete executive order here.

This has resulted in massive protests at airports, where peaceful protesters are being met by violent police officers dressed in riot gear, and fucking five-year old boy was fucking detained for hours at the Washington Dulles International Airport:

In the chaos following U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees and immigrants, a five-year-old boy was detained for hours at Washington Dulles International Airport.

On Saturday, the boy, who is a U.S. citizen from Maryland, was travelling from Iran to Washington, D.C. with a family member to meet his mother, who is Iranian, WILX 10 reports. Unfortunately, the five-year-old was held in custody by airport authorities for several hours before he was finally reunited with her.

But you’re mad because a Nazi got punched in the face?


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