Self Care – Porcupine Tree Plays Linton Samuel Dawson

(Quick note: this video is made to be trippy… lots of colors and such. The flashing is minimal here, but still… just be careful if you’re sensitive to this kind of thing…)

Since my last post talked about LSD and the music inspired by it, here’s one I thought y’all would enjoy, and get a kick out of. This was recorded back when Porcupine Tree was just Steven Wilson. And yes, that’s him singing; just with some added effects to his voice.

The video is not official at all. It’s just… well… it fits with the theme of the song, if there even is one…

Here’s the lyrics, if you’re curious…

Linton Samuel Dawson
Lives in inner space
He hangs around with a circus troupe
Outside the human race

Linton Samuel Dawson
Has just reached 25
Artists travel from outside time
Just to see his rainbow jive

He’s bored, He’s bored.

Linton Samuel Dawson
Yields his knowledge in a phial
A vivid play on an emerald day
Is experienced in his smile

Linton Samuel Dawson
Visits many open minds
He aids escape to tranquility
From the boredom of mankind

Boredom. From the boredom.
From the boredom of mankind.

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