Great Guitar Solos – Lenny Kravitz Plays “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” (feat. John Paul Jones on Bass!)

Sadly, I do not know the name of the lead guitarist on this way (if anyone can tell me the names of his lead guitarist and his drummer, I’d really appreciate it), but I actually really like this solo. It’s short and sweet, but it just… it works for the song. It’s a perfect fit.

This is live at just about the only awards show I ever enjoyed, the 1993 MTV Music Video Awards (and yes… I may have been a fresh 6 years old at the time [turning 6 only four months earlier], but I did actually watch bits of it live… I have subsequently seen the entire thing in later years). And you know I love the fact that John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin fame, joined them on the bass. This whole thing is awesome…

The solo starts at 2:41 and ends at 3:12. Enjoy!

Quick warning about my next post: it’s gonna be Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”… it’s a very long one.


  1. trog69 says

    I have become a massive fan of Guthrie Govan. One of the very best guitarists I’ve ever seen. Incredible. Check out any of his stuff solo or with The Aristocrats. Really well-recorded, too. I’m kind of a recording-quality snob, since I set up this near-field system for the PC.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The topic is solos, but the riff is also one of the best. It (especially the bend) licks and diddles me in all the good places.

    The solos rise to the same level and to me, the bend in the first solo connects it to the rest.

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