Atheism on ABC’s NightLine Tomorrow July 15th

The long awaited segment called “Faith Matters” of ABC’s “NightLine” is
to air tomorrow evening, July 15th, 2010, according to the producer who
just contacted me.

No, I cannot guarantee this, but I believe it to actually be true this
time. The show may cover Camp Quest, American Atheist’s De-Baptism, and
perhaps interviews with Amanda of Camp Quest, Edwin, and Edwin’s son Stephen the minister in Kansas, among other things.

I was flown to New York City by Nightline to be interviewed for the show
and, based on everything I saw and heard, I really do think it is going
to be a major story on Atheism. Hopefully, it will be slanted in a
favorable way, but we have no control over that.

Get the word out:

ABC NightLine.
15 July 2010
On Atheism.


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