End of the Year Letter to Family and Friends.

Among the things that often happen around this time of year, we are met with the phenomenon of the end of the year letter, often called a “Christmas Letter.” This is a means whereby some people insist on telling their relatives and friends just how good things have been for them in the year soon ending, with the implication of how much more favored of the gods, or whatever, they are than you. In this spirit, here once again reproduced, is:

Christmas Letter.

Dearest Beloved of Our Family in Christ,

There have been many changes this year for our family. Our beloved 17 year old daughter suffered blindness and paralysis after being struck by a drunk driver on her way home from Wednesday night church services.
Aunt Polly died of liver cancer, following a long and painful illness. The family cat was smashed by a UPS truck. Mabel’s M.S. is getting worse and she can hardly do anything much anymore. Father had to have a triple bypass operation, and now uses a breathing tube. The house was burned down by sparks from the burning of Harry Potter books in our yard. Little Marvin got a chicken bone stuck in his throat at a church picnic and was rushed to the hospital where doctors had to remove his voice box, so he can never talk again, but God miraculously saved him.

Miranda is now being home schooled after she left eighth grade to become a single mother. An abortion was out of the question, and we know God has given us a hydro-cephalic grandchild for his own good and perfect reasons. Our oldest son had his left foot blown off in an ambush in Iraq while helping to bring Christ and Democracy to those poor heathens.

We rejoice in the wisdom of our God, in His gifts, and in His plan for our lives. We bear grateful witness to all that our great and merciful God has done for us in the past year, and we praise the works of His hand.

Oh, almost forgot. The dog died.

In His Holy Name,

The Fundangelical Family


  1. rthur2013 says

    Bizarre, isn’t it, how quick they are to praise God for even the slightest bit of good luck, while curiously not mentioning him when catastrophes come their way? When that earthquake cracked the Washington monument, it was a “sign from Heaven”, but when tornadoes and wildfires ravage the Bible Belt, God somehow didn’t have anything to do with it…

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