So-called adults have been lying to us 4EVAH.

Who among us hasn’t heard the (supposed) truism: “you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole!”

Of course you can’t do that! I mean, it makes perfect sense, right? At least I always thought so.

Well prepare to have your minds blown, people. Because, YES, it turns out that yes you can fit a square peg into a round hole! For lo, it has come to pass that I have witnessed with mine own eyes a square glass dish (full of freshly grated parmesan cheese) fit perfectly into a round steel serving vessel!


So to recap what we know: there is no Santa, there is no Jeezus, and square things fit into round holes.

At this rate, next thing you know we’ll find out there are no space aliens visiting us either!



  1. chigau (違う) says

    I have learned that using a sufficiently massive hammer, you can put pretty much any peg, pretty much any where.

  2. Lofty says

    A reminder from an engineer that anything can be made to fit with a big enough hammer ;-)

  3. Lofty says

    I blame the phone ringing for missing chigau’s post! Must learn to refresh before posting…

  4. chigau (違う) says

    I can also add that if you use a sufficiently fine grind, any thing will fit any where.
    e.g. the documentary film Fargo.

  5. Lofty says

    Pfah, when I was young you didn’t buy the stuff pre grated, how decadent we are now. You bought these cone shaped slugs that required leather aprons, safety specs and nasty heavy machinery to grate. A mere hammer would just round out a square hole in what you were trying to put the cheese in.