1. moarscienceplz says

    I can’t really add to this, except to say that women are people, and if males (who are also people) could get pregnant, abortion would be legal and easy!

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    @2: It wasn’t an earthquake. It was a special geological operation.

  3. Rob Grigjanis says

    Re the cartoon: Very aptly put. My only quibble; a lot of the women who are suffering from this nonsense, and the many more who will suffer and die, are not white.

    • Ridana says

      @ 4: nor will they all have either black or white hair. Jeez, it’s a b/w line drawing, save for the flag colors, with no shading for skin tone or hair color or even shadows.

      • Rob Grigjanis says

        Not sure what your point is. If you can put flag colours in, how hard is it to put skin colours in? The flag is red, white and blue. The women are white.

        • Ridana says

          It’s not a question of difficulty. My point was that none of the women are colored in. Their races are not depicted. They are colorless by design. White women aren’t #ffffff. This is in deliberately stark contrast to the colors of the “flag.” The eye is instantly drawn to those colors, undistracted by other colors at the periphery. The flag is the most important thing in this image, formed from the blood and bodies of women who are mere outlines, anonymous, virtually featureless, and yes, colorless. They are not persons and do not matter compared to the boldly colorful flag, patriotic symbol of the power of the state, whatever their age, color, gender or circumstances might be.

          Sure the cartoonist could have made different choices, making the women more realistic looking, shading in skin tones, showing the wide variety of pregnancy stages, ages, disabilities, genders that this will affect. Maybe some of the “stars” could have been knitting needles or stairs to depict the various ways women try to end their pregnancies! It would have been a different cartoon, with a different emphasis, less focused, and to me, less impactful the more visually busy it became.

          Look, it’s a political cartoon. It can’t effectively represent all facets of an issue in a single image. You have to be simple, quick, and to the point because you normally get about 5 seconds of someone’s time (something Ben Garrison has never understood). I’d say they nailed it. You obviously don’t.

  4. Victorious Yankee says

    If you really want to show us your love of life, you pro-life christians you, then before you reverse a woman’s right to choose, go adopt all the estimated 300,000 unwanted gifts from your god currently rotting away in orphanges and Foster Homes around the US.

    Show us with works you Bible thumpers.
    We’d be less apt to see every single christian in this country as the lazy fair weather christians they clearly are if you emptied those places of all those gifts from your god.

  5. Victorious Yankee says

    You elitist christians created a vile class based world where many poorer women simply do not want to bring children.
    And the biggest reason?
    They cannot afford to live and raise a kid.
    See Russia.

    Maybe fix that first you ignorant, prideful christian idiots.
    Make this a world where women would can have kids and not starve to death.

  6. Victorious Yankee says

    Neo-con theists have been getting creamed around the world.
    From putin’s laughably feckless invasion of Ukraine to diaper-don’s ignominious fall fall from his usual sewer to an even deeper smellier one, to nazi sympathizer marie le penn getting beaten by 17% in France, neocon theists in ‘Murica needed a win.
    So they restore to their favorite target, women with a brain.
    If the neo-con theists could just teach those educated women a lesson, they’d feel better about themselves.

    Theists are such angry sad little people.

  7. Jazzlet says

    I’d add, as well as some not white women, that most of the women should not be obviously pregnant. The vast majority of abortions happen before a woman is obviously pregnant. Those abortions that do happen when a woman is obviously pregnant, are almost always medical terminations of wanted pregnancies that would not result in viable offspring; as should have happened for a colleague of mine who gavve birth at full term to a child with no brain.