Predictions Made: The only thing that disappeared was control

As of Saturday, the world had its fifty millionth case COVID-19 and the US its ten millionth with an ever increasing rate of infection. Cheetolini predicted it would “disappear” on November 4th, but the only thing that did disappear was control over the spread. The US is breaking records day after day. Its weekend death counts are now bigger than its weekday counts in September and October, and 400,000 dead by the end of the year is possible.

Speaking of September and October, the world had its one millionth death by September 30th (274th DOY), nine months into the pandemic. By Sunday night (39 days later), another 250,000 will have died worldwide.  It’s getting worse, not better, as multiple countries (e.g. France) see second waves bigger than the first.

Mano Singham expressed genuine concern about Trumplethinskin’s continued incompetence.  He worries that Cheetolini will do nothing for two months, turn his back on the job and sulk until Biden is inaugurated.  Compared to what the regime is capable of, getting out of the way for ten weeks would be a positive outcome.  I have avoided comparing Cadet Bone Spurs to Hitler for more than just “godwin’s law”, but I can see one comparison being a real possibility.

In 1944, it was obvious to the German government that they had lost the war, that they were out numbered, outsupplied, and behind in technology.  Ethical leaders would have negotiated a surrender, saved the populace a year of hardships and protected the country’s future.  Instead, they chose to keep fighting under the belief that it would be better for Germany to be annihilated rather than living in defeat.  They destroyed a nation for the sake of their own egos.

I can picture this regime doing the same thing – not just raiding the coffers to pay themselves and  the wealthy, but actively telling the CDC and other government agencies to act in ways that will cause harm, espcially to Black people, People of Colour, the poor, and others (not just firing Fauci).  I can see them destroying the ICE records of the missing one thousand parents, trying to hide what was done to the people – or their corpses.  I can see them intentionally causing environmental damage.  And that’s assuming he doesn’t try to seize power by force, to make himself El Presidente for life.

I would prefer the Angry Creamsicle and Mike Hypersensitive being forcibly marched out today and let Pelosi run the country until January, and that it will become necessary.  I worry that government employees will have to refuse to follow orders and the military or another entity removes him by force just to save the country.