Watching A Car Crash: Foreign journalists talk about the US

The New Yorker published a video interviewing journalists from every continent (except Australia).  I’ve grown so used to eye rolling responses that hearing sane and clear points of view is unexpected.

Most of them have lived in the US for long periods of time, some for decades.  And because they come from countries with very different views, this election cycle makes them all visibly nervous.  BBC journalist Larry Madowo (pictured in the still) is from Kenya, and makes an intersting note (at 7:00 in the video) on how journalists would describe the 2020 US election if it were any other country.  The following journalist, Alan Cassidy of Switzerland, compares the US to a failed state.  That’s not something you usually hear from objective journalists.


  1. jrkrideau says

    I found the CBC reporter’s comment about the armed militias in state capitals particularly telling. It reminded me of the fascist Ukrainian militias marching in Kiev.