Will History Repeat: July 14th is Bastille Day

As the title says, it’s Bastille Day in France, the day in 1789 when revolutionaries stormed the Bastille and freed seven prisoners.  Today is the 230th anniversary of the Fête de la Fédération, the celebration in 1790 commemorating the events one year earlier.  Some saw this as the end of the revolution with King Louis XVI retaining his role, and a negotiated or peaceful transition.  History proved that to be folly, merely the start of a decade long event.

Something tells me the US is in for a similarly rough ride, and its 250th anniversary in 2026 won’t be a peaceful one.

Here’s Rush’s “Bastille Day” (lyrics) from their third album, the second they released in 1975:

And another Rush song from 1975, “Beneath, Between & Behind” (lyrics), written about the US at the time of Watergate.