Hachette Buried: The TERF’s book got trashed

JK must be Scowling.  Staff at the Hachette Book Group are refusing to work on the TERF’s new pile of tripe because of her recent hate speech.  Publishing company staff aren’t easily replaced, so this one will make a dent.

Staff at J.K. Rowling’s publisher won’t work on her new book after her anti-trans rants

By Daniel Villarreal Tuesday, June 16, 2020  

The staff at the Hatchette Book Group publishing company are reportedly rebelling against working on J.K. Rowling’s new children’s book, The Ickabog, because of her continued transphobic screeds.

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“Staff in the children’s department at Hachette announced they were no longer prepared to work on the book,” said one source. “They said they were opposed to her comments and wanted to show support for the trans lobby.”

Another said, “It was a handful of staff, and they are entitled to their views…. But this is a children’s fairy tale. It is not the end of the world. They will all be having chats with their managers.”

This tells me they haven’t read it yet.  They’re objecting to her past hate and ignorance online, not the newest hate and ignorance told through allegory in a book.


  1. StevoR says

    So after reading Katydid’ds comment here last night :


    I remembered this character, scenes and settings from the Harry Potter books, umm, SPOILERS WARNING, I guess :


    The ghost and first victim of Tom Riddle / Voldemort “Moaning” Myrtle Warren who haunts the girls bathroom(s?) at Hogwarts. Thing is Harry and Ron as well as Hermione all use her help and are in her bathroom to access the Chamber of Secrets where the Basilisk is being held in the second book. So we have boys in the girls bathroom Oh noez!!1ty! In a JK Rowling book and its not only treated as okay and accepted its kinda essential for the plot even!

    Moreover, pretty sure Myrtle offered to share her toilet cubicle with Harry if he died* when he opened it and went down to save Ginny who’d taken the book that opened the chamber of secrets. Which, uh, Fawkes the (male I think FWIW?) Phoenix flew down / turned up in later too..

    Then there’s this scene from JK Rowling’s 4th book : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DswkYwveyMo

    Note esp @ 2 minutes 30 secs or so mark onwards..

    Oh and one final detail which is cited in my first link here on how Myrtle became a ghost and fell victim to the Basilisk :

    Ooooh, it was dreadful, it happened right in here. I’d hidden because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. The door was locked, and I was crying, and then I heard somebody come in. They said something funny, a different language, I think it must’ve been. Anyway, what really got me was that it was a boy speaking. So I unlocked the door to tell him to go and use his own toilet, and then… I died.”
    —Myrtle recounting her death

    So the last human thing was going to do was tell a boy she heard speaking in the girl’s bathroom – in Paseltongue (snake) – to “go away!” because he was a boy so .. yeah. Wow. The moral of the story there if there is one .. ?!

    Wonder if JK Rowling would write that particular scene that way these days? Does that indicate she’s changed and got much more TERF-y than she once was? I’d say so.Wonder toowhat she’d say about it now?

    Incidentally, pretty sure in a later book / movies (one of the last few?) Harry Potter and crew find adult wizards and witches flushing themselves into work at the Ministry of Magic so using toilets as travel devices seems to be a ..thing .. in the Potterverse.

    * This being the Potterverse it would not surprise me if there was a slash / fan fiction shipping Harry and Myrtle in an alt history here where that happens? Maybe?

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  2. StevoR says

    Dóh! Blockquote fail, sorry.

    Also, good news there – couldn’t happen to a more deserving TERF!

  3. says

    What the fuck is it about TERFs (and some republicans) that they are so obssessed with how other people use the bathrooms?

    I don’t care what bathroom you use or how you use it as long as you don’t pee on the seat. That’s it. Maybe that’s my privilege talking but I think everyone ought to be privileged to have a pee-free bathroom stall. But methinks they doth project too much when they start fantasizinghypothesizing that someone is going to sneak into the bathroom to have a look at their privates.

    • anat says

      I so agree! I don’t even care if the seat is left up or down, as long as it is clean.

      And yes, every accusation is a confession.