Unimportant Talk: Just give them the damn trophy

Many sports leagues were late in their seasons or just beginning when the pandemic was declared.  For leagues which have playoffs, the entire year could be nullified and no champion crowned because of corona.  (See what I did there?)

Most football (soccer) leagues aound the world don’t have playoffs.  They play a double round robin against every team in the league, home and away once each.  The team with the most points wins.

In the English Premier League, teams have played 28 or 29 games, nine or ten remaining.  Liverpool (27 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss) leads the league by a staggering 25 points, a lead rarely seen in football leagues.

Only second place Manchester City can mathematically catch them. For that to happen, Liverpool would have to lose ALL nine remaining games and Man City win nine of ten, or win eight and tie two.  A single Liverpool win would clinch it.  With the exception of West Ham (near the bottom of the league), all the Premiership teams voiced support for giving Liverpool the trophy if the season is cancelled.

This is a near insurmountable margin, not a close five point lead.  Although sports are low of the status of importance, this is one where almost everyone who follows football (seriously or casually) can say Liverpool deserves their first championship in thirty years.  Just give them the damn trophy already.