Made To Suffer: Bill Lee cares about rapists, not children

Tennessee, 2020:

Tennessee rape-ublican governor Bill Lee has signed a “law” which allows the state’s adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQIA people, and using public tax dollars to do it.  All under the hate-based fiction of “protecting the children”.

Tennessee governor signs anti-gay adoption bill

Tennessee has become the latest state to assure continued taxpayer funding of faith-based foster care and adoption agencies even if those organizations exclude LGBTQ families and others based on religious beliefs.

Republican Gov. Bill Lee signed the bill Friday without fanfare or an official announcement, making it the first law to be implemented in Tennessee this year.

Previously, Lee said he endorsed the law because he believed defending religious liberty “is very important.” The Republican has often cited his Christian faith throughout his first term as governor.

It looks to me more like he is protecting rapists, pedophiles and murderers who want access to children, but doesn’t give a damn about the kids.

Tennessee, February 2019:

Father charged with rape after missing Tennessee girl is found in Wisconsin

A 14-year-old girl who disappeared from Tennessee more than two weeks ago has been found alive in Wisconsin and her father is now charged with rape, authorities said Thursday.

The girl is “doing fine,” Sheriff Tommy Jones of Monroe County, Tennessee, said Thursday.

Randall Pruitt, who adopted the girl, was arrested Thursday in Tennessee and charged with rape, the sheriff said. “(The girl) would be the victim in that,” Jones said.

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Tennessee, May 2019:

Tennessee man who raped adopted daughter receives only 12 years

A former pastor who repeatedly raped his adopted teenage daughter has been given an effective 12 year prison sentence.The Knoxville News Sentinel reports prosecutors sought the maximum term of 72 years behind bars. The judge cited David Richards longtime ministry and the support he still receives as mitigating factors.

More than 30 people showed up to support Richards at the sentencing last week.

Once again, religion excuses the inexcusable.

Tennessee, August 2019:

Nashville man arrested on charges of child rape

Metro Nashville Police arrested a man on Saturday after he admitted to several incidents of sexual assault against a child under the age of 13, according to affidavits.

Youth services detectives and the Department of Children’s Services responded to the child’s school. The child described several incidents of sexual abuse including rape. Diamonte E. Saine, 26, told a relative of the child that he abused the minor on three separate occasions, according to affidavits.

The assaults occurred from June to Aug. 12 in Davidson County, the affidavits state. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Saine was not a stranger to the victim.

Tennessee, November 2019:

Tenn. army medic accused of raping, murdering daughter has trial postponed

In 2017, a 911 call brought first responders to [Chris] Conway’s home in Clarksville. There, police said they found one of Conway’s twin daughters unresponsive.

“Our investigation led us to find that he had sexually assaulted his nine month old daughter. He also put a cord around her neck and she died from those injuries,” Jim Knoll, the public information officer for the Clarksville Police, said.

These are the ones Lee is defending, whether he admits it or not, realizes it or not.