Data Mine: Never ascribe to malice….

…What can be explained by arrogance, greed, stupidity and bad programming.

Two days ago, I was locked out of my facebook account.  Normally that would lead to the inevitable question, “what did you do?” because oft times those who get locked out or barred from places did something to warramt it.  Pleading innocence is easy.

I was locked out four years to the day that I created the account.  Exactly that date, which tells me it’s probably a scripted event to force data collection.  I had never given anything more than my email account – no scans of ID, no cell phone number, nothing.

I went through their “verification” nonsense (e.g. giving my cell phone number and getting “text verification” so they can sell a valid number to advertisers) and still don’t have the account back two days later.  They probably want a picture of ID too.  Like hell.  I will NOT be forced to use a deadname I never asked for.

I have the advantage of being able to visit the fascistbook office in Taipei (about 10km away). Most people who have been locked out and robbed of their accounts won’t.  They’ll be screwed out of their data through no fault of their own with no recourse.  The perils of dealing with unregulated corporations; phone companies are better regulated in how they treat customers and users.

Fortunately, I periodically download everything.  I won’t have lost my friends list, at least, except for the one or two most recent.