My Blood Boils: The Mass Murdering Regime lives down to its name

On the 70th anniversary of the communists’ “victory”, the Mass Murdering Regime commits its first murder in Hong Kong.  One of the goon cops shot a child in the street and left him to die.  Beijing’s regime is worse than the Imperial Japanese regime that occupied the country.

October 10th is Taiwan’s Independence Day. It’s a national holiday, and it won’t be a celebration this year. It will be a somber ceremony in support of Hong Kong. People are angry and will be out in droves.  I plan to take photos.

Hong Kong protester shot with live round during China National Day rally

Hong Kong police have shot a protester with live ammunition for the first time in four months of demonstrations, marking a major escalation in the use of force on a day when China celebrated 70 years of Communist party rule with a triumphalist military parade.

Protests called to mark a “national day of grief” drew tens of thousands of people on to the city’s streets, across six areas, in the most widespread show yet of public anger towards Beijing.

Some gathered in central Hong Kong, while others met up across the harbour in Kowloon and the New Territories beyond. Initially peaceful, the demonstrations turned into running battles. Authorities shut down nearly half the city’s metro stations in an attempt to contain the violence.

Police in full riot gear used water cannon and barrages of teargas, while protesters threw molotov cocktails, built barricades, attacked metro stations and lit fires in the street.

The scenes, though extremely violent, did not mark a departure from previous protests until mid-afternoon, when a policeman drew his gun and fired a bullet into an 18-year-old high school student’s chest in Tsuen Wan district.

Images shared by local media showed the protester lying on the ground begging for help as he bled from his injury. “Send me to hospital, my chest is hurting. I need to go to hospital,” he said.


The UK said the use of live ammunition was “disproportionate”, while Amnesty International called for an urgent and independent investigation.

Big help you are, England.  Instead of illegally selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, give them to Hong Kong’s citizens instead.  Or better yet, go back and reclaim the country – send in US and UK troops if you so believe in democracy.


  1. ColeYote says

    I’m no fan of the Chinese government, but saying they’re worse than the Imperial Japanese occupation is a bit much. I mean, Japan-occupied Hong Kong saw about a million people forcibly deported to mainland China and over 7 executions a DAY.
    Also wouldn’t be too keen on starting a war over Hong Kong considering the whole “China has nuclear weapons” thing.