Sown and Reaped: Falwell knows full well he’s a hypo-christian

Petty hypo-christians and their “christian piety”.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the more publicly prudish, the more privately prurient.

When stories broke this summer about Jerry Falwell Jr.’s “loans” (read: hush money) to poolboys, I was expecting sexual harassment, his wife having an affair, or possibly, Falwell Jr. being a closeted bisexual.  But the schadenfreude of recent days just warms my heart.  First the exposure of their petty fiefdom, and now the full exposure of their hypocrisy and indulgences, telling others how to live while blithely ignoring their own religion’s rules.  Why am I not shocked that Michael Cohen, Cheetolini’s personal fixer, was involved in trying to plug the leaks?

Of all the Falwell family, only John (Jerry’s brother, son of the Richard Paul lookalike) is likely to come away smelling like a rose…unless or until his own personal proclivities come to light.  The latter was pretty much forced out of the university, business and finances, left to run the megachurch.

One might be tempted to ask, “What will it take for fundy christians in the US to finally stop supporting hypo-christian leaders, Trump, republicans?” but the simple answer is nothing will sway them.  They are interested solely in power, nor morality.  Anything that enables and keeps power solely in the hands of white christians is and will be excusable – rape, death camps, theft, war, whatever.  They are the useful idiots, the lynch mob, the trumpenproles.  The outing and shaming of the Falwell family won’t change anything.  If anything, they’ll whine, “fake news!” and claim “the media is anti-christian!” even if it’s Fox Nuisance reporting it.