Whims Whimper: Left over ideas, episode 2

There’s something I forgot to say this when I did my “hello world” post, to identify myself.  I have been around FtB for several years as a commenter, using the handle left0ver1under.

I chose the name Intransitive for the blog for reasons I gave in my first post, being transgender (and using intransitive verbs in the post titles).  I didn’t know then I would only show up at Intransitive, not with the other name.  I know I can change it, I’m still learning the ins and outs.  If you’re curious as to where I got left0ver1under, think Super Mario Brothers.

I linked to my original blog in my first post, but for anyone who didn’t see that and didn’t dig back that far, here again is a link to the content.  I still need to get my rear in gear and move those posts over here.

Science is why dental problems don’t kill people anymore (unless you’re poor).  Anaesthetics prevent patients from feeling pain, antibiotics prevent and cure infections, and dental treatment (from filling cavities to straighenting to removing bad teeth) can save lives.

But that doesn’t make going to the dentist any less terrifying.  I’m a white-knuckle flyer, but I’m a big baby in the dentist’s chair, a constant cold sweat all over my body.  I sat through an hour of torture fourteen hours ago for one reason: the only thing worse than going to a dentist is not going to a dentist.

The dental medication and post-surgery discomfort are why I’m still awake and posting at 6:30AM on a Sunday, between bouts of fitful sleep.  At least I’m not feeling groggy anymore.