UPDATE 3.00: I created a monster called #Readergate on Twitter (UPDATE: It’s in Bustle)

I think.

Anyway, I want to sit here and be proud and pretend I did something for once in my life.

But more importantly, go have a look at some of the brilliant responses from others – and please contribute your own. It’s hilarious and cuts to the heart of the stupidity of #Gamergate. The power of satire can always be useful.

UPDATE: Caitlin White has a succinct yet remarkably accurate write up of its history in Bustle. Great piece.

UPDATE 2: There’s a write up at Salon that’s excellent.

UPDATE 3: I also tried to respond to some #Gamergaters on reddit. I got some reddit Gold for trying, so there’s that.



  1. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Damnit. Between this and Elon James’ #Dudesgreetdudes thing, it’s getting harder and harder for me to hold to my no-twitter stance. Brilliant stuff.

  2. qwints says

    The fact that I’ve seen most of these exact arguments made in earnest makes my brain hurt. Ask genre fiction fans about some of the flame wars that have gone on in their communities (e.g. rape culture in romance novels or racism in sf/fantasy)

  3. says

    Days later, I’m still having #Readergate tweets retweeted and favourited! Thanks for the idea Tauriq, it was most amusing.

    That said, I was sympathetic to some of the criticism aimed at the hashtag, since there has been obvious pushback for a long time against some genres of writing being open to diversity or plurality, so some felt the humour of the parody was thus a trifle forced. However, most of the objectors from the GGer end of the spectrum would have been incapable of recognising that subtlety…