Robin Williams’ daughter being chased off Twitter is a high-profile example of an everday occurence

and it must stop. I’m tired of tolerating an internet where people are unfairly targeted for their race, gender, sexuality, etc. In my latest for The Daily Beast, I didn’t want to target the “trolls”, but those who shrug this off, claiming it’s not a big deal, who say “That’s the Internet”.

Nope. That’s cover that allows this toxicity to continue. We can and must do better.


  1. lpetrich says

    The “It’s just the Internet” excuse-makers make an exception to their “anything goes” position. That exception is banning them or blocking them or otherwise keeping them from being nasty to their targets. They consider it a terrible wrong, an affront against all that is good. I’ve directly experienced trolls whining about what a terrible wrong it is for their targets to have banned them.