In which I don’t join the hype of GTA V – despite loving it

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy and be critical of a thing you love. For my next trick, I will walk and breathe at the same time.

(I’m still struggling with how to respond to the major cultural phenomenon that Grand Theft Auto – as a franchise – has become: given its misogyny, it’s transphobic elements, and its violence. I am still thinking on these specific aspects – especially the horrible treatment of trans people – but I might have more to say on that later [perhaps].)


  1. says

    Yeah, being a trans woman myself, I definitely have moments where the series really pisses me off.

    But I enjoy the subtle layers of skewering they give the right wing throughout the game. And I enjoy the play (haven’t played V yet, but was playing IVa (Ballad of Gay Tony) last night and enjoying it highly). The graphics are such, now, that the game is fairly immersive. My partner was watching me play GTAIV recently, and as the sun went down, she wanted me to stop and look around at the city, because the light was so perfectly reminiscent of NYC that it made her miss the city.

    So don’t lean on me man, cause I ain’t got time to kill ya
    I’m going to Liberty City!

  2. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Yes, it’s possible to enjoy and be critical of a thing you love.

    Thank gawd, because I can’t not do that.

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      Well, Grand Theft Auto has always elicited diverse views amongst gamers and people who are just fascinated at how a video game franchise can become so widely accepted all over the world. So it is possible to be critical and at the same time enjoy GTA video games.