How can you support Freethoughtblogs?

At a time like this, when all the world is in flames, and our
Paltry funds are spent on fifteen dollar loaves of bread,
Really how can you justify spending money on anything?
Including entertainment content, crowdfunding and the
Like.  Here we are, doing a little dance on the street corner,

Freethoughtblogs dot pleasesir, may I have some more?
Of course not. You might see links to PZ Myers’ Patreon
Online and think about how giving to that would keep the
Lights on for your favorite progressive atheist blog network.
Sucker!  You should be spending that money on MREs!

I do these April Fools posts most years, but I might have missed an avril here or there.  But this year I misread Mano’s article title in the sidebar, and I couldn’t resist.  I haven’t responded to comments lately because I’ve been busy IRL, work and home life eating up my emotional bandwidth, as the kids say.  Brief shoutouts to my homies Charly, Marcus, and new commenter Jeff.  Peace, babey!

to commemorate my vandalism:

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