Covid Inbound

Stretch goal reached!
Look for my rap video, most likely before the end of the month.


Somebody in my household just blew hot for the Creepin Crud.  The Corvide.  The 2019 Gift That Keeps on Giving.

There are three of us.  One is fortyish and too disabled to have a day job, one is 65 and  works in an office five days a week, and there’s me in the middle at forty-six, working in a mostly empty office one day a week and telecommuting another three.  Our resident senior citizen, unfortunately, had the largest exposure, works with covidiots plague rats (forgot my policy), and brought that stuff right home to us, breathing in our grits relentlessly until the hot test less than a half hour ago.

So we’re pretty much gonna get it, and I’m probably going to have to reschedule the procedures I have scheduled for the 25th and 27th of this month.  Vexatious.  Tempted to be pretty fucken mad at our senior citizen because she is a lot less conscious about keeping her mask on than we are, but she can’t help being a dingus, and she does mask more than most people in the USA right now.

I’m hella PO’d tho.  As ever, motherfuck the United SnaKKKes for treating the pandemic as a chance to practice capitalist medicine on the rest of the (more) civilized world, squatting over the medicines like dragons on gold, guaranteeing this will go on forever and ever.  I never stopped masking.  I surely never will.  But will that keep me from getting covid?

Fucking of course not.  Still worth it to lower viral load and minimize long-term symptoms, but yet another reminder you can do everything in the world to take care of yourself and your people and still get taken the fuck out by the scumbaggery of others.


  1. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    oof. double vaxxed, double boosted, and always masked outside home and work (<10 people). any covid infection I may have had so far has tested negative in rapid tests and/or passed completely asymptomatic. I know my luck will run out eventually.

  2. says

    Thanks for the contribution bud!
    We only have two tests in the house and they say you shouldn’t use em til you got symptoms. But how can I tell what’s a symptom or just normal fluctuations in health? Been having bathroom trubs since thursday. Whatever strain my BF’s mom has gives her the same, but again, that symptom is not very unusual for either of us. Like, maybe I just ate too many apples.
    I do think the vaxxing and masking helps reduce viral loads and symptom severity, but fingers crossed for all of us to get thru this OK. And good luck keeping your streak going!

  3. says

    I wonder if you managed to work “spike protein” into the song. Because spike’s just a great rap term. Well, better than “plaque assay” altho plaque is a pretty good DJ.


    We each try to find the safe path through the covid swamp so we can get on with life. Here and there we take a wrong step. But covid is unpredictable – spouse and I, vaxxed, boosted, both caught it at different times from different people. Both were sick – sore throat, running nose, for a week. We did give up kissing while someone was sick, otherwise no separation, and neither caught it from the other. Neither tested positive until about 3 days after symptoms starter. May you either dodge the bullet or have a short simple sickness.

  5. says

    marcus – too late for suggestions, those were a pay-to-play kinda deal. but u know that and are just bustin my puppies.
    rebecca – added sore throat this morning. diarrhea’s been four days now. thx for well wishes.

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