Body High vs. Head High

I sometimes write about characters involved with drugs, but don’t know much from firsthand experience.  This is something I just randomly remembered from when I was in high school.  Sometimes people would talk about a body high or head high, more often the body high.  I feel like it was in reference to LSD.  That was in the ’90s.  Do any of you remember this, and can you explain to me what it means?

I suppose I could dig up the facebook for my old home boy Try-Anything-Once Todd and ask him, but I might need a facebook account for that, and no thanks.


  1. StonedRanger says

    So a body high is when you take a substance that affects your body. After more than 500 trips on LSD it is definitely more of a head high. Alcohol is a head high for comparison. For the body high many people take edible cannabis. I personally dont like the feeling of a body high, for me its like my whole body is lighter than it actually is. For example the very last time I took an edible I was at home playing online poker and the effects of the edible had me feeling like I was floating out of my chair and I felt like I needed to keep pulling myself back down. It was so distracting that I had to stop playing poker because I couldnt concentrate. Head high is where the effects are all in the head. Smoking good cannabis gives a good head high. Its very difficult to explain but thats the best Ive got. Hope that helps.

  2. nickmagerl says

    I was a heavy hallucinogen user in the late sixties to the late seventies. In my circle we categorized drug experiences as physical if they affected the body. Examples would be Benzadrine, MDA and which was one of the precursors to Ecstasy. Both had a powerful, what we called physical trip where our skin became very alive and the general effects would be to our heart, skin and other more intimate areas. A head high would be typified by a pure dose of LSD which was most notable for the hallucinations and general confusion it could produce, often being difficult to differentiate from physical reality. It is important that you recognize a drug could have effects as a head and body high. We used to consider that the better the LSD, the less side effects (body stuff) and the more perceptive (brain) effects were present.

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