Hey Conservatives

Lately you’ve been trying to kill people a little harder than usual – kill people who get abortions, drive trans people to suicide, killing the old and the infirm with covid, torturing refugees and stealing and raping their children, legalize killing protestors – as long as it isn’t your own nazi buddies…  Anyway, I’m just thinking, anyone who is so horny on killing should absolutely be horny on being killed.  If you push this stuff but don’t want to be murdered, you’re being hypocrites.  I don’t even need this to be an even split.  Let’s say for every five oppressed people you kill, I wanna see one of your figureheads take their face apart on national television with their weapon of choice.  Get on it, motherfuckers, or I don’t know, stop being such homicidal fascists for TEN FUCKING MINUTES PLEASE.


  1. StevoR says

    @ ^ moarscienceplz : Hmm.. in their nature? Well, kinda, but seems their nature has gotten worse.

    Looking at history and teh reichward drift of the Overton window. Reagan and Nixon would be seen a sfar left by them these days.

    The regressives / conservatives have always been bad – but not quite this absolutely sadistically sociopathically horrific before at least for their mainstream.

  2. says

    Agreed. They’re running completely wild right now. No idea what it’s going to take to check their asses or if it’s even going to be possible, but as radical as they’ve become, seems like their opposition is going to have to get even more radical as well.

  3. lanir says

    We’re all in an awkward position. It’s like everyone feels stuck going to Thanksgiving even though you know the **hostile** uncle is going to start ranting at people like 5 minutes after he arrives. And he’s been really **malevolent** lately but all anyone can think of to do is try to keep him away from the kids and other vulnerable people. And somewhere in the back of your minds you’re all dimly aware of the idea that he’s got a gun, but you knew him when he wasn’t acting like this so it’s hard to focus on just why that thought bothers you so much.

    I split with my family a long time ago so this isn’t a direct anecdote. But it is sort of how I feel about the louder conservatives lately. The thing is, they’re so bonkers that they find it hard to get their way long enough to really screw up. Even the other conservatives are pausing to ask WTF they think they’re doing sometimes.


  4. says

    hard to imagine there are conservatives left with the tiniest grain of compassion or human decency.

    past a certain point one must wonder if revisiting civil war is not the best way to resolve the cultural division that capitalism has been sown just to sell soap on cable news. one must wonder if bayonets are the only way to fix the brains of people like TX lawmakers.

    homicidal ideation is bad stuff and i think right now, with conservatives in this kind of froth, i need to avoid the news even more than i have been. i left the freethoughtblogs discord and i think about to use uBlock to conceal the FtB sidebar. it’s good for people in general to know about these things but it’s bad for some individuals – apparently myself included – to know specifics.

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