I titled this post “stars” because I am transforming into Mr. RE Nemesis.  That’s one for the #gamerz in the audients.

But seriously, there’s a lot of talent out there in the world that goes unnoticed by the mainstream.  A couple of rock ladies from the 90s got together with an unknown weirdo for a little band, did a few tracks, like ten years ago.  Metal bros didn’t like it.  I can’t listen to it much because I’ll get it stuck in my head, but the metal bros are wrong.  They just don’t know from fun.

So who are the stars?  The ol’ rock gals do good lo fi cronchy music, but that singer is who I’m thinking of the most.  She’s spectacular.  She’s got a funny presence and it’s on purpose, plus she has the powerful clear and brilliant voice.  Why was this the closest she ever came to fame before disappearing?  I’ll hide the video under the fold for gobs of fake blood and The Shining references.

I tried to find out about her and there wasn’t much.  She’s done some kind of stage entertainment, had some involvement with making wigs in New Orleans, and… my cyberstalking availed me little else.  A hidden star and quickly forgotten.  But I salute you, Von Hesseling.  Also Sean Yseult of my late beloved White Zombie and Dava She Wolf of Cycle Sluts From Hell fame.  Thanks for this, I appreciate it.  It is belatedly appreciated.

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