British Hypocrisy on Trump

A British writer has fired off a pleasingly constructed anti-trump diatribe to help british liberal types congratulate themselves on their taste and discernment.  Enjoy it here, if you’re interested and can stomach the ableism and fatphobia.  The main thrust of the article: British people vaunt the virtues of politesse, wit, and sense, which he is an active affront to on every level.  I think this brit forgot who the fuck the British are.

At one point in my construction of this article, I was going to say the British invented reality TV, but that isn’t true.  A little research turned up that MTV’s Real World preceded Big Brother, which was a Dutch creation in the first place.  But British people do gobble it up, same as the public at large in vast tracts of the world, colonized and otherwise.  Why do British people like watching humans at their most acrimonious, witless, undignified, and venal?  Same reason as the rest of us.  You’ve got this cultural illusion of dignified stiff upper lip starched collar bowler hat whatever, but the reality is you’re as much of a shit-headed mob as any culture in the world.

The phenomenon that really puts the lie to this idea is British tabloid journalism.  Tabloid journalism here in amurrica is a pale imitation of the works of the masters.  It’s one of the most hateful, crass, bullying cultural institutions in the world.  It sells, and it sells specifically to British people.

You like the spectacle of people behaving badly, which makes Trump like candy to you.  Fess up.  Your article itself was an act of delectation, letting him dissolve on your tongue like a sugar cube.  You don’t see me talking about his vile ass on here very often, because the harm he does isn’t a joke.  His ascendance disturbs me to the core.  Having a go at him means tasting poison, and I’ll only do that as a last resort.


  1. says

    British people vaunt the virtues of politesse, wit, and sense

    Imperialists always value their culture; I’m sure the ancient Romans would have looked down their noses at the modern British and their supposed virtues. [they certainly were not impressed by the contemporary British]

    I think you’ve nailed it: they enjoy the spectacle of ready-for-tabloid-Trump. Admittedly, if you want to feel better about yourself as a human being, Trump’s a good benchmark to line up against.

  2. davegilbert says

    Sounds like reductionist bigotry to me. As a Brit I can falsify your hypothesis.

  3. Jenora Feuer says

    Fred Clark (Slacktivist) occasionally talks about what he calls the ‘Anti-Kitten-Burning Coalition’, which is basically those people who pump up their moral superiority by finding the absolute lowest form of behavior and pretending they are special and brave souls for speaking out against it.

    Most of the AKBC people in the U.S. are Trump supporters. (Clark originally coined the term mostly for the exceedingly vocal evangelical ‘Christian’ establishment in the U.S.)

  4. says

    Gilbert – I let you out of moderation just to ask one question: What are you even talking about? Is it bigotry to suggest brits are equally bad to other people in the world, including my own? That’s all I’ve asserted.

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